First Photo?

My afternoon photography class–which was supposed to teach me how to work with the photos I’ve been taking on my new digital camera–was cancelled. So I’m struggling along in autodidact mode. Please have patience!

My goal is to get this photo posted over in my “profile.” Among other things getting in my way is the photo file size. I think I figured out how to take “smaller” pictures in the first place (amazing what the user manuals can teach us). But I’m beginning to get the sense that I need an updated iPhoto program; at the moment I’m reluctant to shell out the money for one. Anyone have Mac-specific advice here?

3 thoughts on “First Photo?

  1. Anonymous says:


    when u take pics usually the dimensions are a lot bigger than what u wanna use in an online scenario.

    use any image editing program to mess with the image.every self marketing program has a image size manipulation function.

    iphoto should do the job or u cld try pixelnhance which is another free img software for mac….

    hope this helps


    P.s. love your blog. !!

  2. emilydixieson says:

    Love the photo — just got Munero’s RUNAWAY

    Refer mac questions to me: owner since 1985, I might could help…

    Good luck, new photographer!

  3. Erika Dreifus says:

    Thanks for the tips! iphoto is still proving to be a challenge, but I’m going to try to stick with it for the moment!

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