Letting You In On A Little Secret

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me. Actually, for most people who know me, it’s not much of a secret. This is it: sad to say, I am not a “pet person.”

Still, I notice news and announcements for pet- and animal-related publications. Here are two.

First, Onthebitmagazine.com, a start-up monthly equestrian magazine, will launch in May 2006. They’re looking for writers. They want features, interviews, and (listen up, my book reviewing friends!), reviews. They’ll pay $.15/word (on publication). Note that they do buy all rights, so if that’s an issue for you, be forewarned. To read the full announcement, visit craigslist.

The second item I’m listing just because I have a lot of writer acquaintances who love dogs. Dog Health Magazine is looking for personal stories “involving your relationship with a dog(s). The story should describe in as much detail as possible a situation or event that demonstrates how your bond with a dog was deepened in some way. The story should focus on the aspects of dogs as leaders, as teachers, as inspiration and as companions who are equal to humans (if not higher) in empathy, intelligence and understanding.”

The announcement notes that “If your story is selected for our Web Magazine, you’ll win one of our $100 story prizes.” Which is fine. But I’m a little concerned about the fine print on “terms and conditions,” including the following:

“DH companies shall exclusively own all known or later existing rights to the Submissions worldwide and shall be entitled to the unrestricted use of the Submissions for any purpose without compensation to the provider of Submissions.”

I’d advise anyone thinking about submitting here to ask if this means all submissions (even those not selected for publication) are also then owned by the publisher. Hopefully, that’s not the case. But it is nebulous. At least it seems nebulous to me.

To read the announcement for yourself, visit the Web site.