News on Creativity Coverage from Harvard Magazine

Just received my copy of Harvard Magazine yesterday, and was intrigued by this announcement, tucked between some letters to the editor:

Beginning this fall, Harvard Magazine will expand its coverage of arts, culture, and creativity, as practiced by alumni, faculty, and students. Reviews of books–the principal focus of “The Browser”–will remain important. But reporting, profiles, criticism, and interviews focused on works in other media (painting, sculpture, film, video), performance and recordings (theater, music), and other creative realms (architecture, design, fashion), as examples, will join the roster. Deputy editor Craig Lambert, editor of “Right Now” for 16 years, will direct this new effort; he welcomes ideas and suggestions at arts (at) Given the magazine’s bimonthly frequency, coverage will emphasize context and depth over reviews of ephemeral presentations or sheer publicity.

Managing editor Jonathan Shaw will edit “Right Now,” continuing its focus on developments in research.

For more information on writing for this magazine (and writing for alumni magazines more generally), see my article in the June 2004 Writer’s Digest (reprinted in a special issue of Writing Nonfiction). You can also visit Harvard Magazine‘s Web site.