Contest Results

It’s relatively easy to find contest announcements, but not always so simple to learn the competitions’ results. That’s why I was so pleased to hear back from the organizers of the Like Heaven Short Story Competition, which you may have read about here awhile back. Congratulations to all!

Winner – Like Heaven Short Story Competition

We want to thank entrants and website managers for their support to this competition. We also want to thank British writer Andrea Semple for acting as one of the judges. We received nearly 100 entries, many containing very fine writing. We want to commend all the entrants on their talent and dedication. The following writers, in particular, sent work in that was very enjoyable and/or moving to read.

Writers of Shortlisted Entries: Samara McDowell, Emily Waples, Leigh Hancock, Tom Bentley, Lucas Shane Triplett, Sharon Wright, Nancy Malek, Sue Orenstein, Robert Ronsson, Richard Leo Barrett, Gina DaMaia, Gimbiya Kettering, Jonathan Gurling, Polly Nelson, Louise Wilford

Three finalists were eventually chosen out of the shortlist and we read their stories with pleasure over and over. Those writers were: Lucas Shane Triplett, Samara McDowell and Robert Ronsson.

The judges had a very difficult time selecting an overall winner but were finally able to do so. We are very proud to announce that

The Winner of the Like Heaven Short Story Competition is Robert Ronsson.*

The winning story, as well as some from the shortlist will soon appear on the Like Heaven Writing Holiday website. Again, we want to thank all those who helped make this competition a success and wish you all good luck with your writing.

Niala Maharaj
Sally Sontheimer

*Robert started writing with the intention of getting published in June 2004. He has completed two novels – one of which is for children aged 0-15. Neither has secured a publication deal – yet. Robert is currently researching and drafting his next book, a fictional account of how his father’s birth in 1920 changed the course of British political history.