And Speaking of Ethics

And speaking of ethics, this is just a friendly reminder to other writing newsletter editors/publishers that the contest and submission call information I post both in the newsletter and on this blog is the product of my own research and writing.

When I quote directly from a listing, I use quotation marks; when I don’t, it’s my own writing, and I’d appreciate it if you did not republish it without my permission. Or, at the very least, attribution.

Just look through this blog (or recent issues of our newsletter) for examples. You’ll see that whenever I locate a writing or publishing opportunity from another blog/announcement list/Web site/newsletter rather than discovering it on my own I list (and link) the source. It helps us all to know about good resources for locating these opportunities, even if some of them may be “competitors.”

I believe attribution is the polite and ethical way to go, and I’m always happy to find others practicing a similar code of writerly/editorial conduct. So I send warm thanks to those of you who already do link to this blog whenever you pass along information you find here, and I hope one day we’ll all be doing the right thing as far as this is concerned.