Crime Writing Contest

Here’s a contest the folks at told me about.

But first, I have to admit I’d never heard of So I spent some time at the Web site to find out about it. It’s a “full-service online auction site serving law enforcement, local, and state governments nationwide.” It manages “seized and stolen property from more than 500 law enforcement agencies” and offers that property to consumers. There’s lots more background (and press) at the site.

So here’s the contest they’re running. There’s no entry fee–but you will have to register at their site to participate.

The Perfect Crime Writing Contest asks you to select a product listed on the site. Then “think about who has owned it, how it was acquired, and why it ended up on a police auction website. Then let your imagination run free and write a creative short story.” Guidelines and samples provided at the site.

The prize is not a cash award–but it sounds pretty good: a Maui Vacation Package (valued at $4,500) which includes: two roundtrip economy airline tickets, 5 days/4 nights at the Maui Prince Hotel in Maui, and car rental for five days.

(Just an editorial reminder: always check the “terms and conditions” [and privacy policies] when you register with any Web site!)