Richard Chess, Image Artist of the Month

I cannot tell you how happy I am to discover that poet Richard Chess is the current Image “Artist of the Month.” Ever since I had the great good fortune to meet him through my MFA program (he’s no longer affiliated with that program, but I was lucky enough to have him among my thesis advisors), Rick Chess has been one of my favorite people. Rick offers yet another example of the presence of truly talented writers-who-teach who can also be truly generous. (Or, as another poet quite accurately summarized it to me when we were talking about our common acquaintance, “Rick’s a mensch.”)

Read Rick’s beautiful book, Chair in the Desert (my signed copy is one of my prized possessions). Read what Image has posted about him online. And read “Kaddish,” which appeared in Image #42 and has been anthologized in Best American Spiritual Writing 2005 and in Telling and Remembering: A Century of American Jewish Poetry.