Group M35 Magazine (Pays: $100-$500)

I discovered Group M35’s new magazine through the Fund for Women Artists’ latest Theatre Funding newsletter. Launching in October 2006, the monthly online magazine will mix high-quality documentary photographs with poetry, fiction, documentary, dialogue, essays, lyrics, journalism, non-fiction, and more.

Right now you’ll find a series of images posted at the Web site; if interested, you should write in response to a selection of one to three of the ten photographs. If you’d like to collaborate with one of the Group M35 photographers on a Features piece (you’d work with the photographer to create something from scratch), you may submit a general writing sample from your portfolio.

Before spreading the word about the magazine I wanted to learn a little more about it. Group M35’s Lisa Gilsdorf graciously answered my inquiry via e-mail:

Writers whose submitted pieces are used in the magazine will receive somewhere between $100 and $500 dollars for the month the issue runs on our site. After that month has ended, issues will still be available on the site in our back-issues archive. Writers selected to work directly with a photographer on a new piece for the Features section will be paid per word, and this rate will depend on experience and the depth of the feature. You may also want to mention to your readers that each month we will include one or two series, which basically means extended features (broken up into two to five issues). These will usually be essays and short-term documentary pieces. Series writers will be paid per word as well. Eventually there will be a section in several foreign languages (with an available English translation), so any of your writers fluent in another language are encouraged to submit in both English and another language.

This magazine looks like an intriguing endeavor; I’ll be following its development with interest.

2 thoughts on “Group M35 Magazine (Pays: $100-$500)

  1. Peggy Payne says:

    A great free e-mail source on contests and deadlines is the oddly named CRWROPPS.

    Writers I teach in workshops have gotten really useful stuff in it. And I’ve found several items I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

    To sign up, go to:
    I don’t know these folks, BTW, or run this service. This is a completely disinterested recommendation.

  2. Erika Dreifus says:

    Hi, Peggy:

    You’re right–it’s a great resource and you’ll often find me citing it here (read down a couple of posts). I’ve also linked to it under “Other Links.”

    Thanks for checking in!

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