"How to Write a First Person Essay"

As you might have gleaned from some of the “other links” listed to the right (“Intellectual Affairs” and “Ms. Mentor,” for instance), I have an abiding interest in and affection for good writing–including humorous writing–about academia. So I laughed out loud a few times while reading Miriam Elizabeth Burstein’s “How to Write a First Person Essay” in the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Careers section. Warning: you have to know the Careers section’s “First Person” essays (which I also tend to like a lot) to get the full benefit.

One thought on “"How to Write a First Person Essay"

  1. Peggy Payne says:

    How to write a first-person essay is pretty useful info for most writers. It’s a tricky business, so much harder to pull off than writing about other folks.

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