Learning As I Go

Or, as the case may be, as I went–as in, as I went through ALL the markets listed in two of our e-books for their most recent updates.

That’s right, the newest versions of two directories–for paying essay markets and for paying poetry markets–are now available! You’ll find more than 115 markets in each guide, with all said markets checked.

First, I make sure each publication is still—well—publishing. It’s unfortunate but true that between updates (these two guides were last revised in May 2006) some of them weaken and/or disappear altogether, which makes the fact that I manage to expand [and not inconsiderably] each e-book each time I revise it even more impressive (if I do say so myself!).

The research goes further to locate and enter any changes in links, contact information, guidelines, and pay rates. (Our e-books only include markets that tell you up front that they pay, and how much you can expect to receive for your work. Want to take a peek? Download free previews, with sample listings included, right here.)

Not surprisingly, checking each and every Web site means that I pick up a lot of useful information along the way. For just four examples:

1) Arc won’t be accepting submissions between January 1, 2007 and March 31, 2007. So if you’ve been planning to submit to this Canadian poetry magazine, keep that in mind.

2) The Imperfect Parent has “a strong need right now for well-written ‘op-ed’ type pieces on social issues or politics, as well as anything winter holiday related. Essays on these topics will receive preferential treatment.”

3) The Stinging Fly, an Irish literary magazine, has changed its stated pay rate to “a discretionary token payment,” which means, sadly, that I’ve had to remove it from our listings. Beyond that, beginning in 2007, it will read submissions only during the first three months of the year. (As the guidelines state, March 31 is not the deadline; it’s the cut-off point. So if you’re interested in submitting it seems wise to do so on the early side.)

4) Strut, a Detroit-based women’s magazine, is currently (and I mean very currently–deadline is November 15) reading essays on “Going Solo.”

See what I mean?

(Notice, by the way, that these are not necessarily markets you see publicized everywhere else. We work hard to make our e-books exceptional!)

4 thoughts on “Learning As I Go

  1. emilydixieson says:

    Thanks for the hard work!

  2. Erika Dreifus says:


  3. harried mom says:

    Just emailed a submission for Strut. Hope they accept. Thanks for the info.

  4. Erika Dreifus says:

    Hope it works out! Please let us know.

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