Seeks Content (Pays: $50-$150), the Web portal affiliated with Transitions Abroad magazine, is making some changes and looking for new content.

From the Web site:

The Slow Food™ movement, born in Italy, has demonstrated the intrinsic connection between ethics and aesthetics, responsibility and pleasure. In the new section we title Travel for Pleasure, we are looking to explore and expand upon this fundamental notion on by emphasizing:

* Usable practical information gained from first-hand experience for readers who travel to immerse themselves abroad while respecting the culture and customs of the people whose countries (homes) are being visited and spending money in the local economies.
* Articles which inspire others to enjoy and explore off-the-beaten track travel which respects natives, their culture, and the land you are visiting.
* Sidebars which include resources not in the body of the article: e.g. websites and email addresses, contact names and addresses, telephone numbers, and costs.

The editors are unable to check all sources, so current and accurate information is essential. Well-researched supporting material and annotated web links in sidebars greatly increase the likelihood of publication.

What We Do Not Want

* Personal travelogues or lengthy descriptions of personal experiences (unless readers can use the practical details in your account to make their own travel plans).
* Articles that represent travel as a form of consumption and objectify the people of other countries.
* Information that is readily available in guidebooks or from government tourist offices.

Check the site for detailed guidelines and topic descriptions (includng Adventure and Sports Travel, Art Travel, Festival Travel, Spa/Relaxation/Meditation Travel, Slow Touring, Travel to Cook, Travel to Eat, Travel to Drink Wine, Travel to Shop (for local produce and products), and Vacation Homes. Payment is on acceptance, $50-$150.

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