Monday Morning Market Listings

A few market gleanings to get your week started:

1) “I Didn’t Get Old Being Stupid”: Anthology open to seniors (“non-seniors may participate by ‘ghostwriting’ stories for the Elders in their lives”); pays $100 plus copy. Note that ten percent of net sales will be donated to the National Council on Aging. Submission deadline: March 31, 2007 (received). More information here.

2) Freelance History Abstracter. OK, I’m posting this one for those practicing writers (like me) with a pretty strong history background. I’m a freelancer for this company, and the experience has been uniformly good. In fact, when I finish this morning’s blog post I’m going to be moving right along to my next abstract assignment. So when I saw this announcement, I thought I’d pass it on.

3) Portrait of Achievement is a new national magazine that “seeks to deliver inspiring, provocative, and informative stories about our children’s greatest achievements. With a topical approach spanning the years from kindergarten through college, every issue of this magazine will chronicle the often-overlooked successes of our youth while illuminating the most important issues that affect their health and well-being in these demanding times.” According to this announcement on Craigslist (which actually seems to provide more information for prospective writers than the magazine’s own site does), the magazine pays $.10/word (“may increase for writers who establish ongoing relationship with the magazine”) and considers reprints (if work was originally published locally/regionally rather than nationally.

4) The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) publishes a quarterly Bulletin whose “Market Report” can be downloaded (for free!) by nonsubscribers. Fall 2006 issue now available here.