Monday Market Listings

Well, these aren’t coming to you in the morning (I was in New York this morning, and have only just returned home to Massachusetts). But I hope you’ll find them helpful just the same.

Happy New Year, practicing writers!

1) First, you’ll find lots and lots of market news in the January issue of our newsletter (it went out to subscribers last week; each current issue is republished at

2) The Boston Phoenix is looking for a part-time Copy Editor. Pays: $20/hour.

3) Writing/Research Opportunity for book on women who are over 60. Pays: $10/hour, plus acknowledgement in the book.

4) City Pet Guide (New York City) is now taking queries. “We prefer informative and/or humorous pieces; about 500 words or less in length once assigned.” Pays: $40-$60.

5) Jelly Paint, a literary e-zine, is becoming a print magazine–and a paying market. “Our main focus is on young adults and young adult writing. In the future, we may expand our target audience, but please contact the editorial staff if you are unsure.” Pays: $10/poem, artwork, cartoon, photograph; $20/cover art, short story, article, essay. See guidelines here.