On Op-Eds and Where to Publish Them

One benefit to writing for The Writer magazine is that I tend to receive my contributor copies about one week before my subscription copy arrives. So whenever I contribute I get a sneak peek into the new issue.

Of course, I hope those of you thumbing through the new (March 2007) issue will read my latest book review (see p. 50), but anyone interested in writing and publishing op-eds should be sure to check out the excellent article by Larry Atkins. In his “Resources” box, Atkins refers practicing and aspiring op-ed writers to the Communications Consortium Media Center’s Web site, where, he says, we’ll find “the contact information for op-ed pages of the top 100 newspapers (by circulation) in the United States. The site also provides op-ed writing tips.” I’ve now visited that site, and I’ve already bookmarked it. You may want to do the same.