College Writing

As if we need further evidence of the decline of writing skills (and other academic skills) among America’s youth, Inside Higher Ed this week offers up a piece titled “Fooling the College Board,” with some dispiriting information on the essay portion of the SAT.

And sorry to darken your day even further at this early hour, but don’t expect colleges to fix the situation. This week the same site also brings us “The Overflowing Composition Classroom.” (And remember, bright-eyed MFA candidates, until and unless you publish a book of your “creative” work, composition is quite likely what you’ll be teaching, if teaching is your goal.)

But it’s not all gloom and doom on the higher education front. This week some students at The City University of New York (disclosure: my place of employment) received some wonderful and well-deserved news. And happily, The New York Sun took note and commented.