Friday Finds: Prose on Poetry

Some interesting writing about poetry I’ve caught this week:

David Orr’s essay in last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review provides a compelling critique of Dana Goodyear’s recent New Yorker article (mentioned here) on “The Moneyed Muse.” By the way, a personage central to both pieces, Poetry Foundation president John Barr, also journeyed (rather bravely, I thought), to the recent AWP conference in Atlanta. In fact, I attended Barr’s presentation–he spoke alone, no co-panelists for this event–and I was disappointed that he fielded no questions from the audience. I think he could have handled them.

Also, I’ve just discovered Harriet, a poetry blog with multiple contributors (maintained by the aforementioned Poetry Foundation). I can’t say I find that all the posts there “speak” to me or my concepts of writing, but some do, and there’s an admirable variety of voices among the scribes.