Helpful Hints for Writers

Two helpful articles to point out to you today, courtesy of my Web wanderings:

First, for anyone who’s ever wondered how to deconstruct a magazine masthead, Moira Allen’s article (previously published in The Writer) is now online at

And then, if you’re facing that question of what “previously published” means in this age of blogs and e-zines, you should read Jordan E. Rosenfeld’s article over at There’s also a good discussion of this topic going on over at the Poets & Writers Speakeasy (free registration required).

2 thoughts on “Helpful Hints for Writers

  1. Lisa Romeo says:

    I started that discussion over at Poets & Writers, and it has spawned a good conversation. One thing to clarify is that I began by asking about whether publication in a zine “counts” depending on its (usually extremely) small circulation.
    Some folks took this to mean an online magazine. However, a zine is a print publication, usually distributed to a limited, sometimes private list of folks intensely interested in one (often) narrow topic. An online magazine is properly called just that, on online magazine, or an
    e-zine. Hope that helps a bit. And thanks, Erika, for that link to Rosenfield’s article. You’re always right on target.

  2. Erika Dreifus says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. I think defining “zine” itself may be a good discussion thread to have over there.
    Glad you liked the Rosenfeld article.

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