Markets, Markets

Early Tuesday morning our newsletter went out to subscribers, so they were the first ones to hear this news:

And now, an important update: During May I also somehow managed to update two of our excellent e-books. As always, I’ve removed “dead” listings, checked and updated links, and added new possibilities for you to pursue. So now’s the time to get your new directories of “Paying Essay Markets” and “Paying Markets for Book Reviewers.” As usual, you can download complimentary previews of each guide for sample listings:

Please note that I will continue to update these two e-books, as well as the Primer on Low-Residency MFA Programs and the Guide to No-Cost Literary Contests and Competitions. It’s clear to me that a real need exists for these four texts. Their contents are not easily found elsewhere (if at all). Practicing writers seek them out.

Now, you may recall that a year ago I made one of our e-books available at no cost, because I saw that similar resources were available, also at no cost, elsewhere on the Web. That was our directory of paying short story markets. I haven’t updated that book in a year.

Now’s the time to withdraw that directory from further circulation. I don’t want any of you referring to a resource that’s increasingly out-of-date, regardless of the cost (or lack thereof). So at the end of June, I’ll be removing that book from our offerings.

At that time I’ll also withdraw three other e-books, including the directory of paying poetry markets and the contest directory for writers of book-length fiction. I’m not seeing enough need to merit the very time-consuming updates, and again, I’m not willing to offer you “aged” material, even gratis.

So here’s the deal: The four e-books I’ll continue to update will remain available for purchase. And you newsletter subscribers are the first to know that throughout the month of June, you’ll be able to “buy” the other four e-books AT NO CHARGE. After June 30, those four titles will be retired. So please get your copies, and tell your writing friends to visit so they can benefit, too.