Typewriter Chic

Looking for a gift idea for the MomWriter in your life (or a hint to offer those who may not have thought ahead)? Check out this typewriter necklace. I’m not a mom, but when I saw this item on my sister’s blog I mentioned it to my/our mom, who immediately ordered it for me as a birthday present (yes, I’ve recently celebrated a birthday, and yes, it was great, thanks!). I’ve been wearing this necklace almost every day since then. I just love it. When she first saw me wearing the necklace my three-and-one-half year-old niece, who calls me by a nickname she invented that begins with “H” (don’t ask), wanted to know, “Why are you wearing a letter ‘E’ around your neck?” I explained, then asked, “What other words start with ‘E’?” Never miss an opportunity to talk shop with the practicing writers of the future!