Friday Find: "Where to Get Published"

This find I owe to the PayingWriterJobs group I subscribe to. It’s an archive of articles on “where to get published.” Each article profiles a specific travel-related publication.

A couple of caveats are in order: Not every publication profiled pays its writers, so you’ll need to sift through the listings carefully. And you’ll have to skip over the ads in each article, too.

Still, if you’re looking to expand your collection of travel-pubs-to-pitch, this may well help you.

2 thoughts on “Friday Find: "Where to Get Published"

  1. Taliesin2 says:

    I’ve been looking at MFA Programs and I was wondering if there is anybody offering a MFA degree as a online course. And I was wondering if you knew of any such courses. Thanks.

  2. Erika Dreifus says:

    Taliesin2, I believe National University has an MFA program conducted online. The University of British Columbia also has an “optional-residency” MFA program that recommends, but does not require, attendance at a summer residency.

    Just a general note for anyone reading this–please don’t post questions/comments unrelated to a given post’s topic here at the blog. If you have an unrelated question, you can contact me via the Web site, linked within the “Erika’s Links” section to the right. Thanks.

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