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Friday Find: Free Time!

You know what? Today I am going to share the best find of all: free time. My “day job” office has a special schedule for six summer weeks: We work longer days (with shorter lunches) Monday-Thursday, and in return we get Fridays OFF. Hence my later-than-usual post this morning, because I did not set my alarm. Hence the sense that I am on a beautiful, brief vacation. Hence the freedom to go easy, enjoy the day (I am so looking forward to meeting an old friend, in town from many miles away this week, for lunch in a few hours), and not attack everything on my to-do list/routine right away (though I should try to go out for a jog along the East River before the heat really kicks in for the day). So there’s no “practical” find listed this morning. Just a glorious sense of rest and refreshment. It’s a precious discovery, and one I hope you can share sometime soon.



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  1. Rest and refreshment! Sounds like a perfect summer day–hope you enjoyed every moment. Thanks again for your insightful blog.

  2. It was lovely, Alison, thank you! And thank you for your comment.

  3. Wow! That’s awesome! I might not have left my “day job” if they had offered that kind of summer perk.

  4. Yes, it’s a pretty nice perk, isn’t it? Thanks for checking in, “writingforfood”!

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