Teaching Notes

A job announcement and a “bigger issue,” all wrapped up in the same post! What a day!

First, the job announcement: Interested poets should check out this announcement for a tenure-track position teaching at Shippensburg University (Pennsylvania).

And on a related note, I wanted to call everyone’s attention to something I read online this week.

As you may have noticed, I do post calls for adjunct teaching jobs in writing here. But I also recognize the limitations/disadvantages of such positions. I want to make sure that everyone else who visits the blog has a similar awareness. So I’m going to point you to another one of my favorite must-read blogs (must-read in the context of my day job in higher education administration, anyway). The blog is called “Confessions of a Community College Dean” and the recent post on adjunct teaching (addressing a question from a [fiction] writer, as it happens), is here (and it seems to have elicited quite a bit of reader response already).

What about you, my dear practicing writers? What insights/experiences do you have to share?