New No-Cost Novel Contest: "Amazon Breakthrough"

I wouldn’t be conscientious if I didn’t tell you about a new no-cost novel competition mentioned in the New York Times yesterday. But I can’t be totally objective/enthusiastic about it, and you’ll soon see why.

The “Amazon Breakthrough Novel” competition looks interesting for anyone with an unpublished novel written in English (and residence in one of the appropriate countries). Grand prize includes a contract with Penguin and a $25,000 advance.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be following my own conscience if I didn’t note that someone I’ve referred to on this blog before–and not in a very happy context–is a member of the competition’s panel of final judges. (His initials are J.F.)

And because life is full of contradictions at every level, there’s also someone on that panel I happen to admire as much as (okay, probably more than) I have come to dislike J.F. So maybe there’s some kind of cosmic balancing act going on there.

In any case, to find out more about the competition, including entry guidelines and prize details, click here. Deadline: November 5, 2007.