A Look at Lapham’s Quarterly

There’s a new journal out, and it has definitely caught my interest. Lapham’s Quarterly, which describes itself as “the journal that enlists the counsel of the dead,” made its debut earlier this month. I haven’t seen a hard copy yet, but I’ve spent some time at the journal’s Web site. And I’m hooked. Almost–but not quite–hooked enough to shell out the $60 subscription cost (for a quarterly!).

How has this journal, the creation of former Harper‘s editor Lewis Lapham, managed to tempt me so? It’s all in the premise. “Four times a year the editors seize upon the most urgent question then current in the headlines – foreign war, financial panic, separation of church and state – and find answers to that question from authors whose writings have passed the test of time.” Truly a concept tailored to my pre-MFA academic background.

The current issue’s theme is “States of War.” Click here to see the amazing range of contents. You’ll notice among the writings some “further remarks” apparently penned just for the journal. (Alas, I don’t see any freelance guidelines on the site.) And if you happen to have seen the actual journal up close and personal, please share your impressions.