Friday Find: Poems for Thanksgiving

Next week brings Thanksgiving here in the United States, so it seems appropriate to point you to this piece on “Poems for Thanksgiving” over on the Academy of American Poets Web site. It’s true that not everyone finds Thanksgiving a happy occasion, and the piece acknowledges that truth, too. Readable and worth thinking about.

2 thoughts on “Friday Find: Poems for Thanksgiving

  1. Alison Ashley Formento says:

    I love the poem! Thanks for the link–I posted a stanza on my own site.

    A nice suprise to see your name in the November issue of The Writer as I catch up on my pile of magazines here. Thanks for the great Literary Spotlight on Ecotone, a magazine I hadn’t heard of before.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Erika D. says:

    Thanks, Alison! You have a great holiday, too.

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