The Wednesday Web Browser: Mourning Mailer, Fiction Tips, and An Award-Winning Memoir

As you probably already know, Norman Mailer passed away on Saturday. Revisit the master and his work at The Elegant Variation.

Also at TEV, you’ll find a number of intriguing guest posts penned by our pal, Joshua Henkin. Topics include: questions every writer should ask when writing his/her novel; present-tense stories; and a pet peeve you’ll have to discover yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested to learn about the books that win the prestigious contests. So I was primed to appreciate this story about a memoir/memoirist that recently captured the AWP Award in Creative Nonfiction. Add to that the facts that the story focuses on a family bakery and that I’m a baker’s granddaughter and, well, I was captivated.

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