Five Writing-Related Activities/Accomplishments from the Weekend Just Past

Now that I have a single employer paying for my time (and brainpower) between the hours of 9-5 each weekday, weekends have become even more important for my own writing. Here’s a glimpse into how I spent last weekend, writing-wise:

–Drafted and submitted a new poem according to the current assignment for my online poetry class;

–Printed out six yet-to-be-published poems and mailed them to the distinguished poet I met last month through my day job; she had very generously offered to read some of my work;

–Read online (and told some family and friends about) my most recent publication–my first published poem since my high school days–which appears in the Winter 2007-2008 issue of flashquake;

–Completed and submitted my latest review assignment for The Writer;

–And because writers are (and must be) readers: Started reading the new Philip Roth novel, Exit Ghost.

Considering that my weekend also included quite a bit of quality time with my sister and her kids, and my first visit to the gym since my most recent sinus infection struggle, and some catching up with friends, I’m pretty pleased with what this tally!

Anyone else want to share a weekend writing report in comments?