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The Wednesday Web Browser: Nonfiction Notes, Marketing Project, and Holden Caulfield’s New York

Rachel Toor discusses “creative nonfiction”–and other ways to title it.
In related news, Cristina Nehring has some issues with the American essay. And she’s not shy about sharing them. (via TEV)
I followed the initial reports about Jon Papernick’s “1,001 Book Project,” a plan to sell 1,001 copies of his new novel even before publication, with some interest. But I hadn’t heard much about it in the time since then. Here’s Jon’s very interesting–and instructive–update.
Finally: a new twist on literary travel. Turns out that you, too, can plan a Catcher in the Rye-themed tour of New York City. Read this article for tips.

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  1. Erika,

    A lot of the writing you publish is in venues known for their social conscience. Are there any NGOs or social agencies you’ve come across that stuck you as especially necessary in your work? Anything that you want to inspire others to get involved in? If so, I’d like to see you blog about it and win a donation in my charity campaign.

    Rules/details here:

  2. Kate, it’s great that you posted this today. Please check back tomorrow for the post I’d already planned. Best, Erika

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