Friday Find: Staff Openings at The Pedestal Magazine

The latest e-newsletter from The Pedestal Magazine reached my inbox yesterday, and it contained the following announcement:

“The Pedestal Magazine is currently seeking to fill three positions:

1. Poetry Editor. Applicants should have prior publication in Pedestal, as well as other prominent journals, and previous editing experience. Applicants should have at least one published full-length collection currently available. Applicant would be asked to edit the poetry in 1-2 issues per year. Please send resume to pedmagazine(at)carolina(dot)rr(dot)com.

2. Reviewer. Applicants should have prior experience reviewing for various publications. Pedestal currently publishes 850-1000 word reviews. Reviewer would be asked to undertake 1-3 assigned reviews per issue, primarily poetry collections but possibly short fiction as well. Send resume and 2-3 sample reviews to pedmagazine(at)carolina(dot)rr(dot)com.

3. Administrative Assistant. Applicants should be thoroughly familiar with how to send friend requests, post bulletins, set up a blog, send event invitations, tailor/program a page aesthetically; i.e., all the ins and outs of setting up a compelling and effective MySpace page. Send resume, along with a link to a MySpace page you’ve designed, to pedmagazine(at)carolina(dot)rr(dot)com.”

Erika’s Note: Payment isn’t specified here, but given that the publication pays its writers, I certainly hope it pays its staff!