Spotlight on Ms. Magazine

Not long ago, I wrote here about an issue that I have had to grapple with more and more in recent times: the conflict between my liberal-leaning background and the anti-Israel tendencies of too many people who claim the label of “liberal.”

So I can’t say that I’m as surprised as some people–feminists who are also pro-Israel–seem to be by Ms. magazine’s blatantly anti-Israel behavior (and its lame attempt at damage control). If I were a Ms. subscriber, I’d cancel my subscription right now. And you can bet that I’m regretting the fact that once upon a time I paid a fee for the privilege of having my fiction considered for a contest it ran.

On the other hand, as a gesture of support for Lilith editor Susan Weidman Schneider’s role in speaking out against the decision made by Ms., today I renewed my subscription to her magazine.