A Letter to the New York Times Book Review

More than two weeks have passed since I sent this letter to the NYTBR. I’ve received no indication that they plan to publish it (and they’ve already published other material responding to work that appeared the same week). I worked hard to craft a message that stayed (nearly) within their stated word-count preference. At this point, I’m simply posting the letter here.


Words of the Week: Jeffrey Salkin

“My friends and I want a better Israel.

Not the BDS movement. It wants no Israel — certainly not a Jewish sovereign state. It persists in targeting pro-Israel Jews, (i.e., the vast majority of American Jewry and their institutions). It demands that Israel do what no other country in the world is asked to do — to self-immolate because of its problems.”

Source: Jeffrey Salkin, “You Support BDS? I’m Quitting Your Fan Club!” (Religion News Service)