Margaret, Misha, and (Faux-)Memoirs

I could link to any of the many, many links that are surfacing that discuss the latest memoir hoaxes.

Or, I could simply send you over to Margaret Soltan’s University Diaries. One more excellent “academic” blog I read regularly.

I vote for the latter.

2 thoughts on “Margaret, Misha, and (Faux-)Memoirs

  1. Lisa R. says:

    Loved your friend’s blog and her take on this.
    This kind of thing makes it hard to look someone in the eye and say I write nonfiction. Sigh.

  2. Erika D. says:

    Hi, Lisa:

    Thanks so much for your comment.

    I’ve since read your blog post on this, too. Like you, I was really swayed by the NYT review (and also by the House and Home feature that ran last Thursday). Not to mention the online slideshow featuring the “memoirist’s” 8-year-old child. Now I can’t help thinking that one of the worst aspects of this hoax is the exploitation of that child.

    Anyway. As for the University Diaries blog–I don’t know the blogger (Margaret Soltan) personally, but I really do enjoy that blog. As a writer, I find Soltan’s “close readings” and editorial comments especially appealing. I encourage you to keep visiting!


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