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On Differences Between Prose and Poetry Rejections

Here’s a thought: Somehow, it’s less disturbing to receive a rejection of a single short story or essay than it is to receive a rejection of (a batch of) five poems. (They couldn’t find one poem worth publishing???)


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  1. Could be worse: What if you only had three poems to your name, so you can’t send them the bunch they want?

  2. That’s true! But many seek “up to five,” so there’s hope yet!

  3. Or, take my friend Tara’s view of it: The editor probably only scanned the first one or two, didn’t like those, never read the other three and sent it all back….well, Tara has a way of looking at things such that she feels GOOD after a rejection, instead of bad. I try to be like Tara !

  4. Well, that’s another perspective. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

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