The Wednesday Web Browser: Family and Friends

Lots of nice things to tell you about today.

First, congratulations to my very own sister, whose blog is featured in a terrific article in this month’s Time Out New York Kids magazine! Special bonus if you click on over: You get to see a photo of my too-adorable-to-describe toddler nephew. Only problem is that he’s looking down and you miss the effect of seeing his magnificent blue eyes and super-sweet smile. (Can you tell that Aunt Erika is besotted?)
Kudos to my friend, Andrew Furman, for an extremely informative (and lively) Zeek article on “Russification of Jewish-American Fiction.” Andy’s expertise on Jewish-American fiction shouldn’t surprise me by now, but, well, I’m simply impressed anew each time I read something he’s written.
Finally, warm wishes to my friend and former teaching colleague, Mark Rennella, on the publication of his magnum opus, The Boston Cosmopolitans: International Travel and American Arts and Letters (this one’s pretty expensive–good for those with research funds!).