Five Things I’m Looking Forward To: One Week Later

A week ago I told you about five things I was looking forward to. Here’s an update:

“–Seeing dear friends who are coming to NYC this weekend. Always helpful and inspiring for me to spend time with them.”

They were here! It was great!

“–Posting (soon, I hope!) another author profile I’ve written up for my “day job.” Can’t wait to point you to it.”

And here it is: a profile of John Matteson, this year’s winner of the Pulitzer for biography.

“–Receiving (also soon, I hope!) the next issue of TriQuarterly, which includes my story, ‘Matrilineal Descent.'”

Well, we’re getting there. The check arrived this week, so I’m hoping that means the copies are not far behind!

“–Mailing a hard copy of my collection ms to a publisher who seems quite interested in it (the e-copy went out last night, and no, I’m not going to reveal the publisher’s identity at this time because yes, I worry about jinxing myself!). Please think good thoughts!”

Thanks to USPS delivery confirmation, I know that the collection arrived at its destination on Monday. Keep thinking those good thoughts!

“–Finishing up the May issue of our free monthly newsletter, which will go out to subscribers next week. I am very happy about the interview you’ll find featured there (terrific author and terrific information about her residency experiences coming just in time for the summer residency season). Hope that piques your interest, and if you’re not yet on our confidential mailing list, remember that it’s not too late to subscribe and receive the issue yourself!”

If you’re a subscriber you know that the newsletter has indeed gone out. I hope you find that the interview lived up to my enthusiasm for it.