The Wednesday Web Browser: Advice for Poets, Peter Carey Profile, and Sandra Tsing Loh

Thanks to the NewPages blog for pointing me to Copper Canyon Press’s “advice to poets” articles (including some very good tips for those submitting poems for publication, like the ones concerning cover letters you’ll find here).
Hot off the screen! This profile of Peter Carey, penned by my colleague Jill Jarvis for the series she and I have been working on that focuses on Distinguished Professors who teach at The City University of New York, is now available for your reading pleasure. Those interested in the Hunter College MFA program will find it especially worthwhile. NB: As the profile notes, Carey is currently in the running for the “Best of the Booker” prize.
As far as I’m concerned, any Atlantic piece by Sandra Tsing Loh will be among its issue’s best reads. Her latest is now online. And the bio note reveals that she has a book coming soon, too.

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