Friday Find: Queenly Clarifications for Practicing Writers

Next week I (who earned an MFA from Queens University), will be meeting up with a new student in the Queens College MFA program. Perhaps, when we talk about literary journals, we’ll cover Queen’s Quarterly.


These days practicing writers should be aware of (and able to distinguish among) four Queenly identities. Allow me to present them:

Queens College of The City University of New York is home to this MFA program. It’s one of several CUNY programs I keep an eye on in my one of my “day job” roles, helping to maintain and update this Web content.

Queens University of Charlotte (formerly Queens College), in North Carolina, is home to this low-residency MFA program, from which I earned a degree as a member of the inaugural class in 2003.

Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario, is home to this Canadian literary review, which published an essay of mine in 2004.

Queen’s University, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland (the only one of the four with which I have absolutely no connection), is home to these programs in creative writing, and to the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry.

One thought on “Friday Find: Queenly Clarifications for Practicing Writers

  1. deonne kahler says:

    I didn’t realize you got your MFA at The Other Queens (ha). I was accepted there as well (but ultimately decided to go full-residency) – such a great program!

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