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The Wednesday Web Browser: Murray State MFA, My Other Blog, and a New Poet Laureate

Dan Wickett tells us about his visit to the Murray State University low-res MFA program during its latest residency session.
Just a reminder for those of you who may be particularly interested in Jewish-themed writing, writers, publishers, and publications: my other blog has a much more Jewishly-focused perspective. For example, yesterday I added a post on Alana Newhouse’s move from The Forward to Nextbook, and one about an upcoming event in New York City featuring Sami Rohr Prize winner Tamar Yellin.
And in case you haven’t yet heard, we have a new Poet Laureate here in the USA: Kay Ryan. Read the Library of Congress press release here.

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  1. I’m so glad I found this blog! Keelp us the good work.

  2. Erika I think my question may sound lame but I have a question. Which M.F.A. programs have scholarships or financial aid for international people such as Canadians? Should I just do a google search and look for M.F.A. programs accepting in 2009?

  3. Thanks for the comments (and welcome to the blog, Vwriter). Orville, I’d start by looking at Canadian MFA programs. And perhaps you can post this question over on the MFA Weblog (it’s linked to the right). Anyone else have ideas?

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