Friday Find: Fiction Writers Review

I discovered Fiction Writers Review (FWR) when a Google alert returned a very kind reference to this practicing writer and her work. But even better than the personal pick-me-up those words offered was the introduction to the broader FWR site, “the site for writers who love to read and readers who aspire to write.”

Here, in part, is what the site is about:

We are a community of emerging writers dedicated to reviewing, recommending, and discussing quality fiction from presses big and small, from writers widely revered and little known. Our goal is to get writers and readers talking not only about how fiction reads but how it works and why it matters. FWR gives due attention to new titles (in hardcover and paperback), but we also revisit the backlist: classics, new classics, and books that add richness to our various writing lives. We also review adaptations, exploring how fiction can metamorphose successfully into something cinematic or staged. What makes a good adaptation? Is it more important to be faithful to the original or to acclimatize to a new form’s possibilities and limitations? What is lost, gained, or discovered in the process?

There’s much more to this description, but I want to encourage you to go to the site and check it out for yourself. How’s that for a weekend activity? Enjoy!