The Wednesday Web Browser: New Posts from Churm, Daily Writing Practice, and Tales from a Term Paper Mill Writer

Our chum “Churm” has two excellent new posts over on his blog. First, he wonders if literary publishing is “inefficient or inhumane.” Chances are most practicing writers will find something to relate to here! And then, he introduces us to a new book about Chekhov (this especially piqued my interest because I’m just wrapping up a related book review).
We all know that the best way to work toward writing success is to write. Ideally, daily. Somehow, though, Nova’s recent post “makes it new” and worth hearing all over again.
As hungry as I was for work as a freelancer, I never considered writing for one of the notorious term paper mills. So Nick Mamatas’s testimony threw new, if not altogether surprising light on that experience. (via AL Daily)

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