Friday Find: Writing Competitions for College Students

It’s always terrific for me to bring my writing practice into my day job, and I recently had another opportunity to do so, when I contributed a handout on writing contests, internships, and similar opportunities for college students to a conference on honors education at our University. After the event, one of the conference attendees asked if she might post the handout on the Web for students to access more easily. I said yes, and then I thought I’d share the information with all of you (especially the teachers and students who read this blog) as well.

Sharing the PDF link directly doesn’t seem to be working, so here are the quick and easy directions:

1) Go to this page.
2) Scroll down the page to “Writing-related Competitions, Internships, Fellowships, and Other Awards.” Download the PDF.

That’s it! Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Find: Writing Competitions for College Students

  1. Felicity says:

    Thank you, Erika! I’m finishing up my English degree online and this info could be VERY useful.

  2. Erika D. says:

    Felicity, you are very welcome (and I’m not sure why my earlier response to your kind comment hasn’t already appeared here).

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