The Web Browser (One Day Late)

Among yesterday’s exciting moments: discovering a new Lorrie Moore story (via Jacket Copy).
An anonymous professor is leaving the profession–and stirring up quite a bit of discussion with this essay describing why. I have to admit much of what he wrote resonated with me, so I guess I’d be in for some unpleasant feedback if I wrote something like it.
You don’t have to be a mother-who-writes to enjoy Lisa Belkin’s new Motherlode blog on, and similarly, this interview with Belkin is likely to appeal to many writers, particularly those interested in writing for new media.

One thought on “The Web Browser (One Day Late)

  1. drew says:

    I’ve just recently found, and am enjoying, your blog. I think we took a poetry course together last spring, with Sage Cohen.

    At any rate, I am so glad you posted the latest Lorrie Moore. I’ve missed her!

    Also, the professor’s essay was sadly illuminating. Thanks for provoking thought and promoting writing.

    All the best,

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