Good News for Web Writing and Writers

Two encouraging developments for those who write for online publications.

First, as you may have heard, the Pulitzer Prizes will henceforth “allow entries made up entirely of online content to be submitted in all 14 Pulitzer journalism categories.” That’s in addition to the wider statement that the prizes “have been expanded to include many text-based newspapers and news organizations that publish only on the Internet.” Check out the full announcement here.

And there’s more good news. I’ve recently started making my way through the latest Best American Short Stories volume. Being me, I began reading right at the beginning, with series editor Heidi Pitlor’s foreword. Which is where I learned that starting with its next volume, BASS will consider short stories published in online publications, too. It’s true! See the notes on the selection process posted here.

2 thoughts on “Good News for Web Writing and Writers

  1. seanag says:

    Well, that’s just really cool. It is the way of the future I expect, but I’m surprised and delighted that it’s being recognized by two prestigious award givers that you might expect to be a bit more resistant to the tide.

  2. Erika D. says:

    I agree! Thanks for the comment.

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