Not Very Good News

These have not been happy days. Last Friday morning, my family and I lost a beloved friend, our congregation’s Senior Rabbi Emeritus, Barry H. Greene. His passing was utterly unexpected. The funeral took place on Sunday. I hope to be able to share excerpts from eulogies another time. Right now, I am still absorbing this shocking event. Zichrono l’vracha.
Barry, as I was privileged to call him, would doubtless have forwarded at least one or two relevant editorials and similar items about the current difficulties in Gaza. Here is one I would have shared with him.
Unfairness to Israel in academic circles is not exactly news to me, but the latest example is. After reading this, I’m glad I’m no longer an MLA member. The list of disciplinary/professional organizations I can no longer embrace with the enthusiasm I once did because I don’t wish to support their non-disciplinary, non-professional political agendas with my membership dues thus grows.

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