Tagged on a Tuesday

Deonne tagged me to try this exercise in fives, so here goes.

What were you doing five years ago (December 2003)?

1. Still living in Cambridge, Massachusetts
2. Teaching fiction-writing at the Harvard Extension School
3. Celebrating my niece’s very first Chanukah and New Year–she was four months old!
4. Applying for tenure-track teaching jobs in creative writing (talk about being delusional!)
5. Exercising much more diligently than I am now (sad, but too true)

What were five things on your list for today?

1. Go to work (and don’t forget to set autoresponder there for any messages coming in the rest of the week)
2. Check in with my latest e-mail from The Southeast Review Writing Regimen
3. Go to my branch library to pick up the long-awaited book waiting for me there
4. Phone calls/e-mails I meant to take care of yesterday
5. Pack for my upcoming trip to exotic New Jersey

What are five snacks you enjoy?

1. Anything with “reduced-fat” or “light” printed on the package
2. Granny Smith or Braeburn apples
3. Crackers of various sorts
4. Popcorn
5. Chocolate!

What are five things you’d do if you were a billionaire?

1. Donate a lot more money to many more charities, with a particular focus right now on organizations defrauded by Bernard Madoff
2. Buy a place in Paris, and never hesitate to fly over for the weekend
3. Learn how to run (and establish) a publishing company
4. In keeping with #3, pay “my authors” well
5. Buy some really nice jewelry

What are five jobs you’ve had?

1. School library assistant
2. Babysitter
3. French tutor
4. Campus tour guide
5. U.S. Government employee

Who are five people you want to tag?

1. BJ
2. Lisa
3. Anne
4. Mark
5. “Oronte” (if his paying gig allows for this kind of thing)

2 thoughts on “Tagged on a Tuesday

  1. deonne kahler says:

    Erika, thanks for indulging me! I love the idea of helping out nonprofits that are failing because of $&#@?! Madoff. Brilliant.

    And I'd like to hear about your Writing Regimen experience at some point.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  2. Lisa Romeo says:

    Good timing, Erika. I was floundering around for something light to post today…so I’ll get this up soon.

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