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The Wednesday Web Browser: A "Radical" Idea, Truth in Nonfiction, and Chanukah Poems

“We believe that students who major in foreign languages should be required to have a good command of English and some knowledge of English and American literature; likewise, English majors should be required to learn another language and become familiar with literature in another language.” So suggests the MLA (working with the Teagle Foundation), in a new white paper. People are thinking this is a “radical” idea? I’d say it’s reactionary–in a good way. Not too many scholarly generations ago, it was a given. (And the MLA is just talking about undergraduates here–just think about what might reasonably be demanded of graduate students in literary fields.)
I’m so grateful to Deonne for writing up her take on a panel discussion both she and I attended recently on “Autobiography/Biography: Narrating the Self.” Deonne is clear and comprehensive in her summary–and has discreetly neglected to describe how I erupted when one panelist seemed to argue that “truth” in nonfiction is overrated.
We are well into Chanukah now. I am delighted to discover this batch of Chanukah poetry compiled by the Academy of American Poets.

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  1. See what a good friend I am? Your outbursts are safe with me. (Ha.)

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