Notes from Around the Web: Fifth Gaza Edition

I will be really, really happy when I no longer have to post these “special editions.”

In the meantime, here’s the latest:

Voices from Sderot provides insights into what life is like in that terrorized place along the Gaza border.
Thank you, Rabbi Marvin Hier, for expressing so clearly, cogently, and accurately how Israel faces “a double standard,” and why this is not only unfair but also deeply frightening, in the Wall Street Journal.
Yes, I know the New York Times believes it does a good job showing “balance” in its coverage on what’s happening in Gaza. But sometimes, it really doesn’t seem that way. So I’m grateful to see things evening out somewhat this week, with this article on Israelis’ support for their government’s action, by Ethan Bronner, and this op-ed, “Why Israel Can’t Make Peace with Hamas,” from Jeffrey Goldberg.