Notes from Around the Web: Fourth Gaza Edition

Inside Higher Ed takes a look at “The Gaza War…on North American Campuses,” and points out that the rallies, petition drives, (and on the anti-Israel side, boycott efforts) “raise sensitive issues about whether academics are too quick or too slow to question Israel, what methods are appropriate for expressing opposition to another government’s actions, and why Israel’s actions are more likely to generate protests than outrages committed by other countries.” Like one of the commenters, I’m not happy about the suggestion in that last bit that Israel’s actions are, in fact, “outrages,” but otherwise, I think this is a pretty good piece.
Another resource for simply keeping aware and informed: the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA). Sign up for the daily newsletter. Among today’s articles is one that tells us the following: “Israel stopped fighting for three hours Monday, as it has daily for the past week, to allow Palestinian civilians to restock or change locations, and to allow aid agencies to distribute its goods during the 17th day of Operation Cast Lead. But Hamas continued to fire rockets at Israel during the lull, scoring direct hits on homes in Ashkelon and Sderot. No one was injured, although several people went into shock and the homes were badly damaged.” Where are the “humanitarian” protesters now? Probably still busy complaining about/rallying against Israel.
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