Thirteen Ways of Looking at My Latest Cold

Given that I’ve been fighting my (very) latest cold for the past several days, it seems a particularly appropriate time to share with you my latest publication, a poem that’s part of a special section in the new issue of Babel Fruit. The section features poems that are clearly inspired by previous works/poets. It’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

My contribution,”Thirteen Ways of Looking at My Latest Cold,” which developed from an assignment in one of Matthew Lippman’s online classes, can be seen here. (Yes, I know the link to my Web site isn’t working, and I’m hoping that the editor will soon fix that and capitalize “My” in the poem’s title as well, but I’ve asked her twice now and I can’t do more than that!) And check out all the other work in the issue by visiting the table of contents.

2 thoughts on “Thirteen Ways of Looking at My Latest Cold

  1. deonne kahler says:

    Terrific poem, Erika! Congratulations on yet another published piece.

    (I hope you feel better soon!)

  2. Erika D. says:

    Thanks, Deonne! My poor office-mate had to endure both my constant sneezing AND my talking about the poem today!

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