Two Twists on New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

Not all writing-related resolutions must involve waking up an hour earlier to draft a few hundred words, or sending out a certain number of submissions each month. Just consider these two approaches:

The Book Publicity Blog has posted a set of (mainly) publicity-related resolutions you might want to adopt, especially if you have a new/forthcoming book. For example: “Set up a Google Alert for your book (or all your books if you’re a book publicist).” And “Make sure an author’s web presence is established early, as in, by the time galleys are sent to the media (typically four-six months before a book goes on sale).”

And since there’s a considerable amount of business e-mail in most practicing writers’ lives–requesting guidelines, pitching article ideas, submitting stories or essays or poems, corresponding about assignments, dealing with invoices and payment, etc.–we can surely benefit from a refresher course on how to handle e-mail communications via “10 Business E-Mail Etiquette New Year’s Resolutions.” Truly excellent material there.